Born in Glasgow I have lived mostly in West Cumbria. I love being close to the sea and the Lakes. Walking on the Lakeland fells is a favourite on my ‘to do’ list.


Since beginning her own practice of Yoga many years ago as a young child; Margaret feels that she is on a journey, that continues to reveal new Insights and deeper understanding.

Including how to find greater ease and be at home in her own body, she feels that Yoga has many tools to offer each one of us.

Yoga offers many ways to honour our uniqueness. To help us find our way back home to our True Nature, which is essentially Peaceful and Joyful.

Through a sustained practice of yoga spanning more than three decades, Margaret understands Yoga as a holistic system for creating and sustaining balance and harmony on all the levels of our being: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Yoga-Mind is inviting you into a deeper journey of Self discovery, Inquiry, and a welcoming of yourself just as you are.

To find out more contact me:

WhatsApp 07981633546

Email: mbeck.yoga4health@gmail.com