About me

Enjoying the Elements


My name is Margaret Beck ( Jamieson), born in Glasgow I have lived most of my Current life in West Cumbria.

As a young child I remember finding a Yoga book in my Aunts bedroom that really caught my interest. That was the beginning of a  journey into Yoga. A journey that continually leads me toward deeper feelings of Peace, Contentment, Happiness and Connection.  

At age 18 I began a career in Nursing and Midwifery and also studied aromatherapy, massage and Reiki. I practised yoga at home, and attended weekly classes in Whitehaven with Trish Batistessa and in Cockermouth with Jean Grace.

In 2005 I began my British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour Teacher training In Windermere with Betina Mitchell and graduated in 2008. It was a deeply transformative process! Since then I have taught Yoga in Cumbria to a variety of students, with differing abilities, including a class for people living with cancer. I was very fortunate to spend a year studying with Julie Friedeberger who’s wisdom and teachings have had a great influence upon how I both practice and teach yoga.

Encouraged by my own first hand experience to dive deeper into the mind I began training in mindfulness in 2010; recognising how interconnected body and mind are and the profound yet subtle ways they influence each other.  Since then I have incorporated mindfulness into my teaching of yoga, and also teach an eight-week Mindfulness Based Living Course to individuals and to groups. Over the last five years I have been working with Reggie Ray, exploring first-hand the experience of Somatic meditation. Profoundly yet subtly transformative, I weave aspects of this into my teaching of yoga and meditation and I am looking forward to offering some Autumn workshops which you can check-out in my workshops page.

My understanding of yoga  continues to deepen through continuous practice, training and professional development.  I see myself as an advocate for yoga as a way of life, with a variety of tools to offer each one of us. Yoga can support us in Living well, helping us to transform the stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards resilience and resourcefulness. Yoga can invite us into a deeper exploration of self beyond the mere physical body. As we journey deeper we may find ourselves opening to greater Awareness and self-awareness. As the light shines in we discover newfound freedom and Joy. Although the journey is unique and belongs to each individual, a teacher who has travelled further along the path than we ourselves have, can be an invaluable guide.

“If you are seeking encouragement and inspiration Margaret offers invaluable guidance. Her kindness, her wisdom and extensive experience with the various tools of iRest; lend support as you explore your own unique journey”

Kirsten Guest, Director of Teacher Certification.


2003 Birthlight mother and baby yoga teacher.
2005-2008 BWY 500 hrs Teaching Diploma. 
2011 BWY yoga for people Living with Cancer. 
2011 One year Mindfulness Training. 
2012 One year Compassion Training. 
2012 Mindfulness Teaching  skills training (All with Mindfulness Association). 
2015 Specialist Teacher Training for MBCT for cancer ( Bangor University). 
2017 BWY Postnatal Yoga Teacher.
2018 Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training.
2020 PgDip in studies in Mindfulness (Aberdeen university).
2020 iRest® certified Yoga Nidra meditation teacher.
2020 Yoga in Healthcare Alliance certified Teacher.
2021 Menopause Yoga Teacher.